I am in the business of developing custom hand loads for factory and custom rifles. I work with a lot of factory actions fitted with custom barrels and found that rifles coming out of Matt's shop are of top quality. In order to achieve the best accuracy out of a custom barrel a gunsmith must pay close attention to the fine details, to fitting and chambering and not take short cuts. I have always found that the rifles that Matt produces are of this quality. It certainly makes my work easier.

Thom Butcher of Butchers Bull-Istics LLC

Hello Matt, I've been meaning to drop you a line to let you know about that 280 Rem mountain barrel that you built for me last spring/summer. Its a tack driver!!! It took about 10 rounds to break it in, no copper, and I went right to my pet load 140 gr sierra bt with 54 gr reloader 19. Got right about a 1/2" three shot group at 100 yds. I stopped there and a few months later decided to keep playing with the loads a little more. I tried H4831 54 gr & barnes 140 gr tsx and immediately got a .3" three shot group at 100 yds. Then moved out to 300 yds with the same barnes load and shot a 1.25" three shot grp!! That was last September. I took the rifle antelope hunting in October and killed a 14" buck at right around 400 yds with the barnes combo right through the heart.....Thanks for doing a great job on that barrel. You turned that piece of crap remington mountain rifle into my favorite rifle!!! I like reloading for it now, I don't have to look at those bulged cases anymore when I pull them out of the chamber. Thanks again

Gary McDaniel Salmon Idaho