Don't Get Caught With an Undocumented Firearm

Let us handle your firearm transfer

Did you purchase your gun online? Keep yourself out of trouble by registering your firearm with a licensed gun dealer. For a small fee of $30, MC Gunsmithing will send your dealer a copy of our Federal Firearms License. Upon approval, you'll have a clean firearm that's ready for use.

For more information regarding our firearm transfers, call 406-396-2407 today.

What will determine my approval?

What will determine my approval?

There are several qualifications that potential gun owners must pass if they want to carry legally. Those are:

  • Passing a federal background check
  • Being 18 years old for long guns
  • Being 21 years old for handguns
  • Owning a valid ID
This firearm transfer does not cover Class 3 firearms.

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