Hello! My name is Matthew Cockrell

I am a Western Montana Native and owner of MC Gunsmithing LLC. For over 17 years, I have worked as a machinist for Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels. About 10 years ago I started privately chambering and building rifles for many satisfied customers. I have experience working on firearms as small as the 20 Vartag to the large 408 Chetac and 50 BMG, and have worked on most common cartridges. Although I prefer to work on the Remington 700, Winchester mod. 70, and Ruger M 77, I accept most common bolt actions, AR-15's, and some lever actions. I currently hold a Federal Firearms License or FFL.

This means I can efficiently ship, receive, and transfer your firearms. I am a licensed installer of KDF muzzle brakes. Once installed, this high quality product is very effective in reducing recoil. They look great too! Quality work done in a timely manner is important to me, and I believe in treating every gun I work on as if it's my own. I am an avid hunter and compete with the firearms I build. I take pride in producing accurate guns my customers are proud to hunt with and happy to show off.